The Peeps Challenge: Write a short (around 155 words) story with the X-files characters of your choice and Peeps Easter candies ;)
Don't know what Peeps are? Visit the
wonderfully informative Marshmallow Peeps site for all your Peep needs ;)

155 Words or the Shortest Evil Peep Story
Author: RedThunder
Summary: They're taking over the earth! Beware! Beware!

Full Circle
Author: Jeanie N
Summary: CSM, "Peeps" and lots and lots of regret.

165 Words: The Shortest Peep Smut
Author: jerry
Summary:Mulder, Scully, a bed, and Peeps ;)

Coffee Break
Author: Jeanie N
Summary: Mulder, Scully, Marshmallow Peeps, what more can I say?

Krycek and the Peeps
Author: Wendy L. Johnson
Summary: Krycek, the Consortium, and Peeps :)

Big thanks to Tracey and Mia from Peep-O-Rama for the Peep background