155 Words: Glam
Author: Dasha K
Summary: Lipstick, dancing, smut.

155 Words: Perfume
Author: Dasha K
Summary: Perfume, dance club, smut.

155 Words: Jump
Author: Dasha K
Summary: More girlie-smut, set in the Jitterbug Perfume universe,
this time during Scully and May's first time in San Francisco.

158 Words: The Ring, or the Shortest M/Sk Slashkink Ever Written
Author: Keisha
Summary: The summary would probably be longer than the story is....

155 Words: Happy Easter, Sir
Author: KassXF
Summary: Skinner, Mulder, and a box of Peeps

155 Words Part -Insert large number here- : Mulder's Hidden Secret
Author: Rachel Lewis
Summary: Oh c'mon, I just had to. You can't let Brandon have all the fun...
155 Words:  The Shortest (Only?) Krycek/Bill, Jr. fic
Author: Malefescent
Summary:  a continuation of Brandon Ray's hilarious "155 Words" series.

156 Words II, OR The Shortest S/Other Slash Ever Written
Author: Kel
Summary:  An inside look at the international Lesbian conspiracy (j/k)  

157 Words IV, or The Shortest Mulder/Skinner Romance Ever
Author: Shannon O'Connor
Summary: Please keep me away from sharp instruments, 'cause I think
I'm out of control ...

155 (Okay, 157) Words, or The World's Shortest Slash-Evidence
Voyeurism Story Ever

Author: Saundra Mitchell
Summary: Did you read the title?