155 Words: Shortest Pendrell/Scully Flirtation Ever!
Author: Erin M. Blair
Summary: Will Scully agree to date Pendrell? Will Mulder have a
chance with her?

155 Words: Shortest CSM/Mrs.Mulder Romance Ever!
Author: Erin M. Blair
Summary: Want to know how the Cigarette Smoking Man and Teena
Mulder's romance ended? Want to know who's Samantha's father?

157 Words, OR The Shortest "Scully's Birthday" Story Ever Written
Author:Shannon O'Connor
Summary: It's Brandon's fault.

157 Words III, OR The Shortest Maggie Scully/Skinner Romance Ever
Author:Shannon O'Connor
Summary: These things are more addictive than ANY mushrooms,

159 Words, or Scully's Choice
Author:  Ropobop
Summary:  So many G-Men, so little time.

155 Words: The Shortest Krycek/Scully/Mulder Romance Ever!
Author:  Erin M. Blair
Summary:  Why would Scully even date Krycek? Here's my theory.

155 Words: Scully Quits!
Author: Erin M. Blair
Summary: What would Mulder do if Scully tells him that she quits?
Read on to find out!

155 Words: Fowley Wants Mulder
Author: Erin M. Blair
Summary: Will Fowley get Mulder? Read on to find out!

155 Words: The Shortest Diana Fowley/C.G.B. Spender Fanfic Ever
Author: Lauren Metal
Summary: 155 Words and you still need a summary?

158 Words or, The Shortest Parody Ever Written.
"When You Wish Upon a Cliché"

Author: Kristen, Bassoonist Extrordinaire
Summary: The *real* lives of Special Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully.

155 Words or The Shortest MulderBabe/MSR Ever Written
Author:  Maaluu   
Summary:  Read and find out.
This story is currently MIA and will return when someone finds a copy.

155 Words: "Don't Drink the Arcadian Agua Mala"
Author: Branwell Mild
Summary: Set at the breakfast table on their second morning in Arcadia

157 Words: Jazz
Author: Alanna
Summary: La challenged me to write "any weather conditions--
any situation-- just a dark alley, Krycek and Scully and hot monkey luv."
 However could I resist?

154 Words: Fear
Author: jerry
Summary: Be afraid; be very afraid :)