157 Words: Spooning
Author: Blueswirl
Summary: "Nothing bad can come from spooning." - Barbara H.

157 Words: Nothing
Author: Blueswirl
Summary: Field work can be fun

155 Words: Rye Amusement
Author: JourneyToX
Summary: Eat me.... :)

154 Words: Ashes
Author: Octavian
Summary: A goodbye

155 Words: Ripe
Author: JourneyToX
Summary: 155 Words of spring and little green apples

155 Words: Now and Forever, or Songfic for the Lazy Writer
Author: Jennifer Maurer
Summary: Mulder declares his love at last. Unfortunately, he isn't
very creative.

155 Words or The Moment of Truth - What's in a Name
Author: KateSwan
Summary: You guys made it look like fun

155 Words 8, Or, X-2K
Author: Lori Schwabenbauer
Summary: Mulder and Scully tackle Y2K.

155 Words, or One of the Shortest MSR's Ever Written
Author: I'm too embarrassed to claim it.
Summary: Mulder and Scully's true feelings are revealed over Lo Mein

155 Words, or Oral Fixations 1
Author: Ropobop
Summary: Mulder says something he maybe shouldn't...

155 Words: Mulder and Scully Make a Baby
Author: Vickie Moseley
Summary: see title

One Fifty-Five
Author: MissElise
Summary: Don't wanna do one, sorry. 155 words of MSR is the
challenge, I believe. If it *had* to be humour, I've failed.

155 Words or The Shortest Autoerotic Motel Story
Author: J.C. Roberts (SuperJame)
Summary: 157 words and you still need a summary? :).

150 Words of MSR
Author: Flukewoman
Summary: 150 words of MSR!!!

155 Words: The Truth Unmasked
Author: Eistren
Summary: It's a 155 word story. Whaddya want me to give it away? :-P

156 Words, OR The Second Shortest MSR Ever Written
Author: Kel
Summary: What Brandon forgot to say.

157 Words II, OR The Shortest Obligala Ever Written
Author: Shannon O'Connor
Summary: It's STILL Brandon's fault.

157 Words V OR The Third Shortest MSR Ever Written
Author: Maaluu
Summary: Only 157 words and you want a summary? :)

159 Words, OR The Shortest 'One Room Left' Story
Author: Shadowlurker
Summary: Last motel room left for hundreds of miles. Long, tiring day...
you know the scenario. (Hey, if they can do it-"Rain King"-why can't we?
Oops. Does that count as a spoiler?) Oh, and a cliffhanger ending. Or
maybe that's an excuse for no ending.

156 Words OR The Shortest MSRoadmance Ever Written
Author: Maaluu
Summary: Read and find out.

186 Words or Why Mulder's a Pig
Author: Mike Preston
Summary: It is really an internet joke my sister sent my wife, and I was
called a pig because I laughed. I read alot of MSR fanfic, so I plagiarized
the joke to add a little tartness to the overwhelming sweetner of some MSR.

157 Words OR Why Mulder & Scully Should Just Be Friends
Author: Ropobop. Bring on the feedback!
Summary: Chris Carter knows what he's doing, folks. UST rules.

155 Words: Mulder and Scully Read Fanfic
Author: Bidie McCucholl
Summary: In 155 words, Mulder and Scully read an NC-17 romance
and are inspired to make life imitate art. :)

155 Words: The Shortest Fast Hard Screw Buzz
Author: Bidie McCucholl
Summary: Scully has imbibed one too many Fast Hard Screws on the
Main Deck, after having introduced Mulder to her creation, and finds
herself completely unable to enjoy the attentions of a concerned Mulder
in her hotel room. Find out---in 155 words---what Scully was feeling
during her Fast Hard Screw Buzz

155 Words: Mulder and Scully Have Coffee
Author: Brit*Vik
Summary: See title :)

155 Words, or the Shortest Scene of Domestic Bliss
Author: Wayward
Summary: A story that's shorter than its description